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Having a website is not enough, there needs to be an interface to control the website. CPanel is an interface by which one can control his/her website easily. However one needs to know how to use CPanel in order to control his/her website properly. There are tutorials available over the internet, however the basic functionality must be known to everyone.


There are interfaces designed to make it easy for people to control their website; plesk and CPanel. CPanel hosting is the most famous interface which is quite easy to use. Before you start using your website, you need to know some of the basic functionality of CPanel. The layout of CPanel has been categorically designed; however the design may vary from the hosting service provider.

For instance, if you have purchased hosting from Hostgator, then the first area of categories would provide you information regarding discounts. The second area would provide you an interface which would allow you to make payments. If you are logging in the CPanel for the first time then the interface would provide you with a tutorial. It would be best that you go through the tutorial to understand the functions and services of CPanel.


One of the most important services provided by CPanel hosting is monitoring the traffic on your website. This control not only tells you the number of people visiting your website, but it also informs you the source of them reaching the website. The stats are recorded and you get to know that by which source the website is generating the most traffic. This way you would be able to work on the factors which are weak. Apart from this, you would also get to know about the location from where the visits have been made. If you have studied some search engine optimization (SEO) techniques then you would be able to utilize this data to your advantage.


Many people wonder how to make an email address on their own website. With the help of the services of CPanel hosting one can use the email management system to generate his/her own desired email addresses. There are additional things which you can download in order to increase the efficiency of your email management system. Some of these features include spam assassin, auto responders and E-mail forwarders.


One of the main features of CPanel is the file management system. This allows you to upload files to your website, upload pages to the website and create regular backups. The backup would download your entire website in the current position. If any error occurs in the website, then you would have to restore the backup files. The file transfer protocol (FTP) makes it quite easy to transfer files from your computer onto the website. If you are uploading database then you would need to make sure that the type of database is supported by the CPanel. Check with the hosting company whether they are compatible with programming languages like PHP and databases like MySQL.





Are you thinking to build your own website? No idea on it? First thing that you need to do is to register a domain name. In this case, there are 2 options available for you. First one is to register domain name directly through a domain registration site. Several web hosting service providers also provide registration facilities. And the other option is to find such a service provider who is providing registration with hosting. Before registering domain name, you would have to ensure your domain name is available. If you previously have an available domain name then have to register it before creating your website. Placing your domain name might help to draw movement into your website and will avoid other people from captivating the same name.

As soon as you have registered the domain name, you have to hire the provider of any reputable web hosting service. To make your site better, it is recommended to get assisted with the provider who are reputed and have experiences as well as have the ability to provide you the best.



There are mainly two kinds of hosting services; specifically hosting services that provide pre-installed software and hosting facilities which provide manual hosting software installation. If you rent the services of the provider having pre-installed hosting software, you could start to improve your website instantly after registration. The drawback is that you need to keep up with this service if though you don't like any website development software. The hosting services with manual installation hosting software involve you to download hosting software at first and then you need to install the software on the provider's server. Now let us momentarily look at the two types of software.

Joomla is well-known hosting software that is immensely common among lots of operators. Joomla hosting is motorized by Joomla CMS. If your hosting supplier offers cPanel control, then you can simply install Joomla over the use of Fantastico feature in cPanel. Joomla offers several features, including the capability to create printables, blogs, newsflashes, web pages, and multiple language support, perform internal searches and conduct polls. To use Joomla, you need not to know greatly about HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or other web developing technology. However possessing a thorough knowledge of HTML can help you to generate more professional and better web pages.

Another renowned kind of hosting software is Drupal. It is well-known for its comprehensible control management system as well as its flexibility. The central Drupal software doesn't comprehend many features, but the system allows its operators to add different features to its built-in functionality. This permits the user to modify the software agreeing to his specific needs. So as to reap the maximum assistance of Drupal, the user needs to have a general knowledge on website coding. Especially, the user must have a good understanding of PHP. 



Those are some of the things you need know in order to start for web registration and hosting. It is highly recommended for the fresher to get expert guide line. Otherwise it can waste your some cash. A good web hosting company like hostgator provides text and video tutorials on their cpanel. If you are not a geek you may consider such company. Remember my hostgator coupon code get 25% off: azucohostgator


There are many things which one needs to have before starting a website. With a small amount of investment, one can purchase a domain name and a hosting server from a reasonable company to start their website. One of the best companies to contact for such services would be Hostgator as its rates are quite reasonable and has excellent customer service.  

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Having your own online website has its own charms. In order to have one, there are certain things which one needs to keep in mind. Before these things are explained, one needs to pinpoint why they want a website. For people who just want to share some information need not to have a website hosting account. In order to spread information, you can make a blog. Making a blog is easy and free. However, the main purpose of spending time with spreading information is to earn from it. Free blogs may not help you earn much income as you would like. Blogger or Wordpress can pull down your blog(s) if you commit one offense or violate their terms of use. Same goes for the websites which offer free website hosting services to you.


Blogs do not get that much of ratings over search engines, meaning that they mostly don’t show up in the first page of search results. In order to earn from your website, you need to have it on top of the search results to attract quality traffic. Before you start worrying about the quality of the website and its reputation, you need to build it. One of the main things which you need in order to have an online website is web hosting. There are many companies which allow you web hosting services. You would pay these companies for a certain type of servers, and in return they would make your website go online. Apart from just hosting, you would also need a domain name for your website.

LOOKING FOR A WEB HOSTING COMPANY? is one of the companies which you need to opt for while purchase your domain name or hosting server. These two things need to be purchased with quite an amount of caution. The reason behind it is that, the domain name of your website cannot be changed. You make payment for a certain domain name for a year, and in order to change it you would have to purchase a new one. Give it some time while you are trying your best to figure out the domain name. One of the techniques of search engine optimization (SEO) is to make sure that there are a number of keywords in the domain name. Another thing which you need to know is that the domain name should be easy to remember and should relate to the concept of your website. Purchasing a .com domain name is much more preferred than any other extension.


Hosting server plans can be changed, whenever the person wishes. The rates would differ if you want to upgrade or downgrade the package. The thing is you are able to change the plan unlike the domain name. However one must exercise caution when changing their hosting company. Changing from one hosting company to another would ruin the reputation of your website. The PageRank (PR) of most websites drops down drastically after changing a hosting company, whereas no harm happens if you change the hosting package within a company. This is the reason why you need to take your time while selecting the best website hosting company. I will therefore recommend hostgator to you.


There are certain things which you need to look in a hosting company before doing business with them. The very first thing would be their rates, if they are charging a bit too much then you may ignore them. If they charge to low, be careful, “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys” lol! A bad host may be a nightmare. Some web hosting companies are resellers. They buy reseller account from the giant companies like hostgator and resell to you. To be able to compete with the mother companies they charge low and compensate it by “clamping down” many sites on a small bandwidth. You know what happens when there are many cars on a small road, traffic jam. Your site may not see light of day.  The second thing would be their customer service and reputation. There are a number of ways to check the reputation of a website, simply search over forums.


As far as customer service is concerned, you need a company which would be available to you 24/7 all year round. Some hosting companies have their contact numbers listed, while others provide you with live chat customer service. is a host which allows you the service of online chat, phone calls and tickets system which is why you need to prefer it over others. They also provide video tutorial for you. If you are not experienced you can get lost on the cpanel, when that happens the video tutorial will come in handy or call for help and they will be at your service. It does not matter who cause what. Their interest is to get you out of the mess. The problem with other companies is that, though they have online chats, their representatives are usually not online. Once there is a problem with their servers, they would either be offline or not respond.

Go online and contact the company via online chatting at odd times, like Sundays, or late nights. This would allow you to know beforehand what will happen when you need in odd times. Take note that depending on the geographical location of the hosting company, your day may be their night. While contact numbers are a more direct way, they are expensive as well, especially if the company is located in another country. 



Apart from excellent customer service and reasonable rates, Hostgator provide you the service of just about any type of hosting. Once you are on their website, you would be able to view a server with varied specifications and prices. You can select the service which would be most suitable for you and purchase it online. Basically there are four types of web hosting servers; dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and shared hosting. Each of these has its own pros and cons and uses. It would be best that you search over the internet to gather information about these servers. You would not want to spend a fortune on dedicated hosting, while only shared hosting was required.

For people who are new to the field of online websites, it would be best that you start with shared hosting plans. Don’t worry about purchasing the domain name; you can purchase it from Hostgator as well. If you need any other information regarding it would be best that you contact their live customer service representative. Hostgator coupon code: azucohostgator